Day-1 of 20days training on how to make $500-$5000 monthly from Free Blogspot

How to Register on Blogspot

You are welcome to the First day of this coarse. Note; if you get to this page through search engine or through other site. Please go here now and sign up for this Training. Is a free 20days training. So go here;

Now, is time to register; go to gmail and if you have one before you may not need to register for another. But you may not want to use your formal google account. So is better to create another account. After the creation of the account. Go to or and login with your gmail account. If you have not logout on your system before it will just log you in straight.  This is how its going to look like when you first login: 

After that you will need to confirm your profile and make sure you chose the right name you want to appear on your blog, you will understand it better if you are doing it and many people know this very well. If I begging to use picture fro everything, picture will be too much and I don’t want the picture to more than 3 on a page.

So, if there is any you don’t understand, you can go to youtube and search for it on youtube. And you can also contact me if you are confused in any way, I can create short video and upload it to YouTube send you the link. I think that will be better. But try and search for more information online.

Choosing the Blog Title and Address

Note: in choosing the blog title, you have to be professional in that, I mean choose it in a professional way, because your prospect will just close your post if the topic is not attractive to them.  So, make sure you search very well for the good topic that will make your visitors go through your articles. I will advice you to go and search for the keyword on what people are searching for base on the niche you want to chose.

You will need keyword tools here, don’t worry, you will get free one. You can use google keyword tools. Is free to use, you can also go to google search, let use health as an example, type in “health” as you are typing it, it will bring topic suggestion, with that you can chose what will sell, this shows what people are searching for on google you can also use amazon search box to do that. when I use google tools, here is the result I got:

When choosing address, you will need to chose good address that is related to your niche, you can get the idea on how to chose the  address. Once you have written down a few ideas, as well as keywords that relate to your topic, you can use the services of free domain suggestion tools to locate domain names that are available to chose. One such service is available at: and another at m The picture bellow show you how to chose the title and address:

Change your template

Now, is time to chose a template you will use for your blog. After chosing your address you will see diffrenet template, chose anyone with good looking, once you chose it click on continue and it will take you at another page, then you will start blogging. Have created a video on this for you to watch here is the link to the video:
I knew that video will explain to you better, don’t mind that there is no sound there, what you need is the practical example. So watch it very well and you will understand it. If you don’t understand something on that video you can comment bellow the video and also bellow this post.

Start Your First Post
Now, is time to start your  first post (articles), you don’t need to spend too much money on this blog, I will advice you not to spend too much money on this, if you start the paid one like worldpress, you can spend money, just focus on traffic here, because traffic is the main thing that can give you a lot of sign up to your newsletter and that is what guarantee you sales.

Now, if it’s the worldpress that you paid for domain name and hosting I will advice you to go and be buying articles if you don’t know what to post, the best place to go and get that is Fiverr, Elnace and freelance site, you will get good articles on fiverr in a very cheap price.  But I don’t think you need that, you should be able to write good article with good English, especially on lose weight or relationship, I can write more than 200 pages on lose weight alone and I believed you are better than I in writing English, so writing 2 post 500words each everyday will not be the problem.

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Note; if you get to this page through search engine or through other site. Please go here now and sign up for this Training. Is a free 20days training. So go here; 


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