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Is time to make your first Post

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Making post on blog is as simple as eating snacks. Whether worldpress or blogspot, I count this as a very simple task to do even my grandma can do it. Though it has a principle you must follow for your readers to like your post and even copy your secret.

Sorry, do this everyday or every time;

If you try this, you will find all this very simple, make sure you are with your pen and note book everytime, you can just think of anything based on your niche at anytime, make sure you note it down and turn it into blog post. Something I may be inside the car and see someone with big belly, I will see the way he or she walk, they way he talk and everything about the person and turn it into articles. 

Your experience is matter most in what you are doing. If you know what you are writing you will make the best post and your audience will know you for that, am not so good in English but am a script writers, I have wrote many films, though I usually give it to some people to proofread it, but that does not stop me from making money online.

I don’t have the type of certificate you have but I don’t think you make the kind of money am making everyday. So, use your good English to make money, don’t just use it to scatter the environment, because I noticed that people with big grammar always have negative impact to the people in their environment, hope you are not one of them. 






  You said you are not good in writing?

Don’t worry about your first post, you can edit it later. When I first make 10 articles on my blog, I don’t have intention of promoting any affiliate product there, I just develop the blog then because I don’t have money to buy domain name and hosting, and I want people to know me anytime they search for my name on internet. 

When I started promoting affiliate products, it was then I change somethings on my blog, like backgrounds, the template and the formatting. So, your blog may not look great in the beginning but as you are growing, you will be having experience on how to make it the best. In fact, if you see my first post back then you will laugh at me, I used 18 for the font size and I bold it not knowing that is not the best.

Now, Make a post

This is of two way, you can use html if you study language or you know about it very well, or you use the normal compose like this:

The picture bellow shows how you can write your post as writing on a microsoft words, in this, you don’t need any special skill, you only need to format it very well to make it look great, I will recommend you used 6lines highest before moving to another paragraph, if you check this very well you will noticed that is not more than 6lines I don’t think is up to self. You can also use HTML if you know about it very well, here is how the html will look like;

Can you now see that there is different between the two? Both of two two is very easy especially if you know about html. I will advice you to type the articles using your Microsoft word before you connect so that you will not waste too much of money on internet connection, you will only need to edit it and add some pictures 

Use correct pictures that match your post

This is very important, you will need pictures when creating a blog post because if you have a post without pictures, your reader may lose interest, but if they see photo as they are reading they will enjoy it. But there are some people that can write 3000 words without pictures and you will not be tired of reading it, one good example is Glen the owner of VIPERCHILL, You can check his site here:

I always feel happy reading his post anytime I wake up in the morning after prayer. Because I always find helpful information on his blog. But in your own case, you will need to use correct pictures that matches your post, don’t use dog pictures where you suppose to use a man with big belly, as your audience will think that you don’t know what you are talking about. So, use correct pictures and format your text very well.

I believed you enjoy this post. Please if you know about this very well, you can add your comment so that people will learn from your experience. And you can also share this post to your friends for them to benefit from this.

Note; if you get to this page through search engine or through other site. Please go here now and sign up for this Training. Is a free 20days training. So go here; 

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