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Google Traffic To Your Site

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A site that is not found on google is dead. Yes! Google is the most visited website and the most popular website. People always go to google to search for information. If you can be getting 1000 google traffic everday I assure you that you will be making nothing less than $2000 every single day. 

People that usually come to google to search really need what they are searching for. If someone is searching for how to make money online in 2016, am sure 90% of people who are searching for that topic are looking for the online business to do in 2016, you can use google to beat your competitors because google will display your site to the people who are searching for your niche before they will show other people site that are not promoting on google.

The best way to get traffic and to make your site popular is to advertise on google, there are thousand of people who advertise on google everyday but some people only use it to get popular and once their site is okay they will ignore it, I will advice you not to do that. if you are making money you can use that money to invest again. With this you will be more popular everytime and you will always beat your competitors.

Youtube will be the best traffic sources if you use it very well

You have heard about youtube or you are using it already? Maybe you are using this site only to watch films or just to search for what is not necessary. Is time to stop that and use it to make money online. They said pictures sell in a millions time than text and what are you going to say about video? Which means, video sell in trillions times more than pictures. I don’t know if I get that words correctly.

You know how popular youtube is today, people are always search for information on youtube especially video tutorial on how to make money, video tutorial on how to lose weight, video tutorial on how design website. People are searching for thousands of topic on Youtube everyday and thousands of video is been upload everyday. If you are serious enough, this site alone can drive 100 visitors to your site daily.

You said is not possible? Okay! Lets do some experiment here. You are promoting make money online or affiliate products that talk about lose weight in 3weeks. Go and create short video or you tell someone to do it for you on fiverr, upload it to youtube, before you will upload it, if you are promoting internet business products you can use the google keywords tools that I told you the other time to search for the keyword. You will make sure that you use the best keywords for this. You can use up to 10 or more for that niche.
Internet Business In Nigeria
make money online in Nigeria 

Always use your url at the bottom of your video for people to click and check the details of what you have for the, and I will advice you to always give them the next thing to do after watching your video. Please is important, you can use the Tip like; “Attention please! You just read few tips on how to make $500 monthly promoting affiliate products using blogspot, please follow the link bellow and read the full details on how to make this a reality.

Because they looking for how to make money online, they will follow the link which will later land them to your optin page and they will submit their details to know more about this, but make sure you upload good video that explain what you are offer. And I will advice you make it between 2-5minute video. It can be more than that. but I don’t advice a video less than 2minutes. 

Google Plus is another sources of Traffic

We are done with the video. Now, do you have g+ account. If you don’t know what is all about go and search for google plus, if you already have google account that means you have G+ account. But you will need to visit the site and updat your details. This is another way to get traffic to your site. You knew that google is the most visited site in the worlds, which means any other google sites will always popular.

You can share your link on google plus and it will rank well. You can share it on google plus communities. If you use all this system perfectly, it will not be up to 3months before you will be getting over 1000 daily visitors on your site and you remembered I told you that if you are getting 1000 visitors everyday, this guaranteed you more than $2000 every single day. 

But all this will not work if you don’t utilize it very well. You have to be more serious about this. If you fail to work it like a business you will not make a penny. I hope you find this article helpful? Please don’t forget to make your comment bellow and if you have any knowledge that you can share with people, you can share it through comment and don’t forget to share this articles to your friends, this can help them to make their first money online.

Note; if you get to this page through search engine or through other site. Please go and read more about this on my website. I believed this will make you start fast.   So go here; 


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