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The Emails companies you can register with

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You welcome back to this money making Training, internet is crowded with a lot of information that can help you but it hard to get the best you want. If you really serious enough, you cant search up to 10pages on google before you can see the information that can change your life. But have reduces your work on searching, this is the mean reason I created this.

If I decide to sell this information by create ebook for it, I will be selling it nothing less than $50 and I can sell 200 copies within 2months because the topic alone will sell this products like crazy. But I believed in giving out, if I give this out for free, I will help a lot of people out there and this will make people trust me more.

Lets Get Started

I will list some email companies here and you can chose the one you like between them. We have the free one, and we have the paid one. Am using both the free one and the paid one. Infact I used the free one for you that land you on this page, because I want you to believe that you can do this that am also doing it free without any problem.

The problem with the free emails companies is; they always distract the attention of your subscribers. And not all the time, because the one am using and that I will recommend for you is not giving me problem. Though they also advertise, but is not common and I usually get my message across.

Please don’t made the same mistake I made when I started. When I want to start selling my own products. The first products I created back the “How to make money Doing mini-importation Business” is here you can check it here
I asked someone back then and he told me that free auto-res ponder is not good that I should not use it, though he was concern with my effort but he was using it, if I have tried it, I will not stress myself too much then before I can sell that products. Firtsly I registered with traffic wave and I started using the free 30days trial and if I finish that 30days I will register using another email.

This later frustrate me and I stopped using it, I was using my system to send message and this also gave me tough time. Later I decided to try the free one and its work perfectly. Though I used paid one because you can also upgrade your plan to paid one on that free auto-responder. Now; let me list them here:

-          Traffic wave                Paid one
-          Aweber                        Paid one
-          Get Respond                Paid one
-          Listwire                       Free one
-          Mailcheap                   Free one
-          Etc.
You can search on google, you will get hundreds of this companies if not thousands. the paid one I will recommend is Traffic wave, though some people use aweber, even many internet marketers use aweber but you cannot import email to aweber. Have use traffic wave very well and its works for me. So, using it will not be the problem.

Listwire is the Top and the best free email company have ever seen. Easy to use, easy to manage and they pass your message across but some time they advertise along with your message to your subscribers but I don’t think this can distract their attention.

Have been using this for sometimes and its has never disappoint me. I will advice you to use listwire, don’t worry about have created a video on how to register and how to use it, you can get it here……………………

How to make people in your list buy what you offer

Jesus was talking to His disciples and he used a words “This cannot go without fasting and prayer” you remember? That should be Mathew or mark. You cannot sell anything if you don’t message your subscribers. And not only message, don’t send them your offer at first, I will advice you send them the benefit for over 4times before you give them your affiliate link.

Why, they will build their trust in you if you do that. they want to listen to you because of the useful information you give to them, they will open their email tomorrow to look for your message. You need to be friend with your prospect first before you can tell them to drop their credit card details.

Randy Gage is one of the best have ever seen. Have receive more than 30 of his message before he advertise his products to me. Can you see that, and I don’t unsubscribe because I enjoying reading it and I knew that he was not promoting any product to me. Get enough message to broadcast to your list.

The reason why I don’t unsubscribe from some list is, I may need one of their message tomorrow, because some people will send you their offer in the first meeting. Even more than 80% of the internet marketers makes this mistake and many of them are not making sales because people want to listen to people who give them useful information. So, I will advice you not to follow them and to apply this as I laid it down. 

When I was doing multi-level marketing, I read a story of a man, is like have forgot; please don’t be annoyed, is because internet has take everything away. The man want to prospect the whole family and he first find a way he can be friend with their 5years old boy. This man is a successful marketers, a millionaire. 

One faithful day, as he was going in the street with one of his car, he saw this boy playing football and he went to play with him and he became his friend, sometime he will come and greet this little boy and buy him something and this boy family enjoying the company of this man because his family is very poor.

After a year plus, this man came to they and invited them to a business meeting. What will you think if a millionaire invite you to business meeting? That is changing is life, I will be the first person to be there. And as they finished the meeting, this family registered straight and they build the business withing 6months to millions of dollars. That is powers of understanding.

You need to understand your audience, you need to know what they need, I knew many people who land in this post are looking for the way to make money online, 98% of people here are looking to make money online, even if you have been making money online before. You still need more right. 

In the next post I will talk more on how to broadcast your message to your subscribers. I hope you find this article helpful? Please don’t forget to make your comment bellow and if you have any knowledge that you can share with people, you can share it through comment and don’t forget to share this articles to your friends, this can help them to make their first money online.

Note; if you get to this page through search engine or through other site. Please go here now and sign up for this Training. Is a free 20days training. So go here; 


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