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Introduce Your Own Information Products To Your Subscribers

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Yes! We have tried many methods of making money online before and non of this work. I want you to know that if you see anybody who told you that he/she have tried information marketing and did not work, that people must be a lazy and he did not promote his business. Information marketing is the best have ever seen.
Sometime if you don’t have money, someone may just paid for your products, that is the beauty of information selling.

 They said information is power and I really believed so much on information. I don’t play with any information that comes my way and I don’t want you to play with it because you don’t know the one that can change your life.

When I first created my first information products back then, I have passion for it, have not even create a site when I sold two copies of my digital products. Here is the product And I was uing phone back then, have not start fiverr business, with this I was able to get 60 email list from Nairaland because I made a post and I said who ever have interest should contact me.

I received over 60 emails within 3days for free and I was able to sell two copies of this information products and 2 one-on-one Training. It was that products that encouraged me to create “Fiverr Hidden Gold” Products when I made over $4000 on fiverr, I told myself that am qualify enough to teach other people on how to make money on this site. 

Thank God today, over 30 of my students on fiverr are making over $1000 in a single month and over 17students are making more than $500 every month with the strategy I give them, 30minutes per day on fiverr and they don’t have any skills, they are using what I taught them. You can see what am saying here:

Now, your subscribers have been buying products with your affiliate link and you want to create your own products because they have believed in you that you are giving them the best information. I want to tell you what and what you need to do in other not to do this wrong, because if you did it wrong, someone who have been following you for over 3years may decide that he cant follow you again because you are not trustworthy anymore. 

Lets say you are promoting money making products as an affiliate. And people have been buying this products through your affiliate link. You already have good interaction with your subscribers. Note: for your subscribers to know you very well, you have to be concern about them, give them free gift even if they don’t ask for it, you can give them free pdf that you download or get from friend.

If you are promoting money making products to your list, you must create money making information because they are interested in how to make money online. If you are promoting health products to them, you must create health products also and if you are promoting relationship/marriage products, you must create Relationship/marriage products that they are interested in.

But trying to sell health products to people who sign up to know more on how to make money online  is like going into the bank and trying to sell rechargeable lamp. Advertising  what is not needed in a place where you are promoting it. Please get that very well and if you don’t understand it you can contact me.

I will advice you not to sell money making products if you have not be making money online. Reason is; what are you  going to use as a proof, what people are going to say about you? Will people trust you. All this is very necessary before you will start on the niche you can start with. 

How to get a products?

I knew that you have been thinking on how to write your own product. If you look ate this Training very well you will see that I did a good job, even if my Vocabulary is not as you expect but I was able to show you what you need in other to make money online. I have wrote 7 information products, 3 for myself and I helped people wrote four on fiverr which is over 75pages each for that four products. 

You want to ask how much I collected for that kind of products? The first one I wrote, the guy paid me $520 and the other 3 is more than that. and it took me just 6days to finish it. Can you now see the beauty of fiverr? This is the reason why I said you need to start this fiverr today. Start here:

Good thing is; you don’t need to write if you don’t want to distop yourself. You can buy it from Resell right and start selling it. Yes! Get it from Resell right site and start selling it. That is simple you said?  Yes. You will just need to invest on a products and resell it a thousand or millions time without any problem. You can search on google for the resell right site, you will find many on any niche you want.

But I always want my own thing in a unique way this is the reason why I prefer creating my own information products by myself. You can do it, you just need to understand what you are doing and master it very well. Try it, who knows, you might be the best information doctor tomorrow.

I hope you find this article helpful? Please don’t forget to make your comment bellow and if you have any knowledge that you can share with people, you can share it through comment and don’t forget to share this articles to your friends, this can help them to make their first money online.

Note; if you get to this page through search engine or through other site. Please go and read more about this on my website. I believed this will make you start fast.  So go here; 


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