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How to get free traffic to your blog from other blog site that are in your niche or forum

Note; if you get to this page through search engine or through other site. Please go and read more about this on my website. I believed this will make you start fast. click on the Bellow Picture

This post will based on how to get free traffic from other site and from forums. Traffic is what you need to make sales, you may have good blog, with good design and good killer content, but if you don’t have traffic, it will be a waste of time. And I don’t want you to complain to me that you are not making sales. Latest 3months after this training I want to broadcast your testimonies to other people.

You heard about forum very well. Forum is a great place to get traffic to your site. Like the first products I launch back then, New Importation made easy. The fist 5people that bought that products I got their details through Nairaland forum free of charge. The secret is I will give people some information before I will give them my offer.

Some forum, will not allow you to create a thread when you register, they want you to spend some weeks or some months before you can be allow to create a topic, but Nairaland own case is not like that, once you registered on Nairaland you can create your first topic under politics but you will not be allow to create topic under business, you will spend some weeks before you can start a topic under business.

Warrior forum is another one. This forum is an internet marketing forum. If you are promoting money making products, this site will be the best way to advertise your products just make sure tou drop your site on your signature and that is another backlink to your site. You will find different topics on this forum like; make money online, affiliate marketing or “affiliate products”, internet business, work from home or work from home and make cool cash, withdraw to your PayPal, make money online and withdraw to your bank account. Some people will even tell you how to get usa ip or usa address. And many more.

You will find thousands of topic on this sites if not millions because is the best forum site. But is good for you if you are promoting money making products. If you are promoting money making products this is the best place for you and nairaland. You can also search on google you will get more online marketing forum, if you search very well you will get at least more than 100.

But if you are promoting health products like weight lose, diabetes, Hypertension etc. you will need to visit health forum site. You can search on google, I have this on my system before I don’t know how I lost it, or maybe is still there because I have a lot of information on my system I could not locate it again.

But you just type “List of Top Health forum sites” on google, you will get it, copy it and go and be register there one after the other. You have to work this the way I laid it down, if you don’t do it the way I lay it down, you may not get the result I expect you to get. So, make sure that you follow every step here very well, this will drive traffic to your site anytime any day as long as the forum is still exist and it will always exist because the owner is making money there and he will always keep it.

Free Traffic from other site in your niches

This is very important and you must not look down on this. Now, I have money making site and I want to get traffic from other site that are also talking about internet marketing. What I will do Is;  I will go to those site one after the other and make a comment. Have explained this when I was talking about backlink but let me also explain it to you here better.

This site is based on how to make money blogging or how to make money promoting an affiliate products or let cover everything with one topic. “How to make money online” hope that cover everything? Okay, I will visit some site that are talking about how to make money online, read what they are talking about and go to the bottom to make my comment. You will see where you will write your name, email and website. Just make sure you write your website is very important.

Once people notice your comment as a professional comment, they will want to know you, they want to hear from you, they want to know what you offer and they will click on your name and it will take them to your site. But make sure that you are directing them to the post that is talking about the post you read or that is related to it because if they come to your site and see that you are saying another thing, they will not spend 30 seconds before they will close it.

You can also search online for the top 100 blogs in your niche and if you can also do for 200 is okay. If you do for that 200. Waoooo! Is very good and traffic will be flowing back to your site. You can also go to fiverr and buy blog comment, there is one guy who is selling 20,000 blog comment on fiverr, he is using scrapbox. At least 20% of this will work perfectly.

You need to participate on any forum topic, read what people are saying and give them the solution. You can as well go to yahoo answer. You will see what people are looking for, just answer the one in your niches and drop your url. Make sure you answer the question, you may not answer it finish and direct them to the post that is talking about this topic. This is not difficult as you think.

I hope you find this article helpful? Please don’t forget to make your comment bellow and if you have any knowledge that you can share with people, you can share it through comment and don’t forget to share this articles to your friends, this can help them to make their first money online.

Note; if you get to this page through search engine or through other site. Please go and read more about this on my website. I believed this will make you start fast.   So go here; 


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