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Step by step on how to broadcast message to your subscribers

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When it comes to how to compose message, am very lazy. Don’t mind me, I used my time writing script and creating ebooks and my problem is; I always want to get best message across my subscribers. So, if you are not getting message from me the way you sould get it, don’t mind me if because I don’t have much time.

If you can follow this step by step process success is guaranteed

Step one: in your first message, make sure you introduces yourself yo your subscribers, why they should listen to you and the benefit they will get for them signing up to your newsletter. Don’t get me wrong, by the word “introduction” if you are promoting Marriage and Relationship you can use your own testimonies or your friend or any body you have seen before to introduce yourself.

You don’t understand me? Now, am promoting lose weigh products, I can simply write it like this; “My name is Ezekiel Oluwafemi am a nutritionist and have help a lot of people lose weight and manage their eating habit, especially my wife’s friend who have very annoyed body weight 2years ago but now she is now perfectly okay and I helped her with my experience. This shows you that you are not alone if you are not happy with the way your body is, or if you have been looking for a way to lose weight fast” 

That is one of the good example. And you can also tell them what they will get, I mean their benefit within their time of receiving your message. This will make them to stick with you and they will not unsubscribe from your list. You have to be more professional, this will make them trust you and they will not miss your email in the next day. After each message, you can introduce your next email in one line. Tell them the reason why they must open their email for the next email you will send.

Even, if they don’t have something important to check on their email, they will always login to check their email just to see your message. And if you fail them, they will not trust you again. Make sure you give them what you promised. 

Step two: Your second email to them will tell them if you are worth staying with or not, firstly you greet them and thank them for been your loyer subscribers, they will feel on  top of the worlds as they are the one who need your help and you even appreciate them for getting your help. Greet them, ask about their family and job. Inter-rat with them, you can even tell them to share their sources of happiness with you and they will laugh. Now, give them what you promised them yesterday. Give them the Tips you promised and make sure that it worth reading.

Don’t just copy anything on internet and paste it, make sure you edit it to a taste that even if you read it, you will not believe that its you who wrote it. Have come to realized that  good message is what make your subscribers staying with you for years. Yes, why do you think Yaro, Perry Masah, Adam Short and other affiliate marketers make money everytime. Most of their subscribers have been with them for years and they have bought many products through their affiliate link and even their own products.

Is because they know what you want and hungry to get, and they will send you good message that can solve that. especially perry. He used to send long message that you will always want to read finish before you close the Tab. So, make sure you used this people method and use it wisely. 

Step three: In this step, you want to know their problem and you want to know the reason why they land in your articles in the first place and you ask them if you can help them.  You can tell them to ask you any qestion that you will be available to answer them, with this you will know what they need. Some people will tell you how they can lose weight fast and some will even ask you if you have products you are promoting that can help them lose weight.

Latest, in the following morning, you will receive the loads of message in your email, from this people, asking you different question and you must answer like a professional.

Step Four: Answer all their question. And promised them that you have a package for them tomorrow. If you are promoting lose weight products, or money making product. Okay, let say money making products because this post is about online money making. You will go to the sales page of the products you are promoting, you will see different testimonies from people who have used it. This is one good example:……………

Let say I want to promise them something. I will say, I want you to benefit from this simple system that make Femi $100 daily on fiverr or I want you to make use of this system that femi used in making $500 weekly on clickbank. Or don’t fail to open your email tomorrow because I want to give you the secret that make Ezekiel $3000 richer every month as a peerfly affiliate. 

You know they are looking for the way to make money online before and they just read that message, even they will not sleep very well because they so much trust you and want to hear from you. Please, make sure you are promoting the right products to them.

Step Five: This is final step because you have build your relationship. As a beginner, this five steps is okay. Now, you can greet them and give tem what you promised. You can show them more people who have used what you want to show them and have make money with it. And let them know how this can turn their life to good within some period of time. Tell them not to play with it, and let them know if them have problem getting that products, you can help them get it.

With this, some people don’t want to use their credit card to buy something online and they will prefer sending the money to your account for you to help them buy the products. And as you buy the products you will also have a copy. Note: you can also buy the products first and text it and know how its work for more testimonies. 

So, you can start promoting your affiliate link to them with good message. But I will advice you, if you have started promoting the products, make sure you don’t promote it everyday, promote it every 2days and your message will not come as an annoyed message to them.

I hope you find this article helpful? Please don’t forget to make your comment bellow and if you have any knowledge that you can share with people, you can share it through comment and don’t forget to share this articles to your friends, this can help them to make their first money online.

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