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Another fastest way to Get Traffic to your Blog

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If we don’t talk more on Traffic, you will not make a penny. So, don’t tell me that have mention and talked about traffic before. I want you to make use of one traffic sources, many people have been using it and is working for them, why will you be left out when you knew about it. This system can make over 100 people subscribe to your email list in a single day.

What is this Traffic sources am talking about? Is email list,you can get this list from Fiverr or other fiverr alternative site. Some will promise 5millions usa email list, I think that will be the best if you can get that. if  you need, we can also give you 6-7millions usa email list for $10, we have been using this and is working and it will continue to work.  This is what some internet marketers used. If you see a message that you don’t subscribe for in your email that is what they used. There is software that can generate email and they usually generate it from Facebook.

They always send you opting page where you will go and sign up for their news letter if you are interested in what they sent to you. I will advice you to search online very well to know the best software to send this message because some usually go to spam and anytime I checked my email I don’t usually go to my spam folder. So, if you send such message to me that land in spam folder, Is missed call.

The message you will use for such must look professional because you are telling someone to come and do your business or you want to confused new person to have interest in your products or services, you must right good message that will convert. Many internet marketers made this mistake, I usually receive many of such message and I don’t respond to 95% of it because is not well writing and i cant spend my time on something that is not useful. 

You can hire someone on Fiverr to write you killer message, you can get 3 of this message 200 words each for $5, just paste a request and people will apply to this request, they will send their offer and you will tell them what you need and your niche, you can even give them opting page where you want to direct this people to.

Note: where you direct this people to is very important. If you get this wrong, they will not spend 5 seconds in your optin page. If you don’t know how to get the best opting page, you can hire someone on fiverr to do it for you. There are thousands of expert there, I cant promise you that I will get you the best opting page because am not as good as that when it comes to graphic design. 

On the first line in your landing page, make sure you have state the important of your service. Let them know the benefit before they will spend more than 5minutes. With that you have got their attention and they are ready to read it till the end. You can use picture to demonstrate this, make sure that the picture is telling them the exact thing you are doing and let the picture look beautiful, it may be a lady holding dollars and smiling.

You can use your gmail to send this message also. There is a way to do that, with gmail that you can send message to 500 people at a time, go to Youtube and search for this, you will get it. A lot of the information am using today, am getting it for free from Youtube, so if you are too lazy to make use of this free site, you will not make any money.

You can also make over $100 daily on fiverr without doing anything. Yes, if you register on fiverr and you are buying all the service I mention above and you are not making money on fiverr that means you are too lazy. I never use my paypal to buy anything on fiverr, am using the money I earned there to buy service there. And am not doing anything on fiverr because I don’t have time for that. what I do is; I will buying the service on other sites for $1 and re-sell it on fiverr for $5. That is cool $4 profit without doing nothing.

And the beauty of this is; some time I made over $40 profit on one order, if I order some service for $7 and I will re-sell it on fiverr for $50 can you see that profit, and I don’t waste me time, the only time I used it the time to order the service on that site and the time to deliver it on fiverr. One order takes me just 5minutes and I will make cool $4 profits.

Am spending just 30minutes doing this in a day and sometime I made over $150 daily on fiverr. You can also start this business, is just that you need some knowledge if you want to make money on fieverr. Here is the knowledge am talking about. Check here and see it here:

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Note; if you get to this page through search engine or through other site. Please go and read more about this on my website. I believed this will make you start fast.   So go here; 


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