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How to get your reader emails

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Yes, I want us to talk more on email list here, this is one of the important area in making money as an affiliate. You don’t plan this along with your plan, you will not make money promoting the affiliate products. I have promote the affiliate products for 5months without any sales because I ignored this aspect. 

I could remember back then, when a guy told me that I will  need to get the details of my reader if I want to advertise anything and sell to them. I over look it then thinking that affiliate products is not my own products why would I be wasting money over someone else products. Instead of broadcast myself, why will I be broadcasting other people?

But after 5months of try an error, I realized that if I don’t get people email I will just be helping affiliate sites to drive traffic to their products without making any money. With my little experience, have come to realized that if you don’t make people sign up for your newsletter, am telling you the fact you will not make any money why trying to sell anything to them.








How do you make them sign up?

This is very important, because you may be spending money on email company you are using and not getting any sign up. The secret is; write good content that people will love to come back and come and read your future post. Content is a king they says. If you have good content you will sell over and over again, because if you have 1000 subscribers you can be making over $1000 in a month which means 1 person worth $1 not all of them will buy product in a month but at least 25% of them will buy your products and on one products you can make over $30. So, 30x250, that is $7,500. 

Lets say, you are making total profit of $5 on each products, 250x5= 1,250 and many products that you will promote are selling from $20-$37 and you will get 75% on each of them. Can you see that you can make more than $1000 with a list of 1000. But how do you get this people details, how do you make them sign up to your newsletters?

Give them free information; yes! People love free things, even you! You love free thing lolz!!!! If you promise them that you will give them one thing that is valuable, they are ready to drop their email. Email is very simple to get from people not like credit card details, people don’t usually drop their credit card details at first, you have to give them what worth more than what you want to sell to them.

Lets say, you are promoting weight lose products, or how to overcome pain in marriage, or make money online. You will need to create an ebook, you can hire someone on fiverr to do it for you, and you can do it yourself, just go online and search for the book related to what you are promoting, edit it to your own taste. Even you can write it without stress.

I can write more than 100 pages on how to overcome the pain in marriage or make money online or in any health topic. You don’t need more than 10pages of ebook even some are not up to. But make sure that the ebook is related to your post and what you are promoting. By this; you can include your affiliate link on the ebook.

And make sure the topic of the ebook you want to give them is convert, think within yourself that which topic will make me submit my email. Here are the good examples; 7days plan on how to overcome big belly, 21secret on how to look the way you like, lose 11pounds within 3weeks, 10 man you must not marry if you don’t want to cry after marriage 10 ladies you must not plan to marry if you don’t want to blame yourself in future, why marriage is another hell fire, how to make $500 every week working for just 2hours, how Ezekiel makes $100 daily on fiverr without any skill.

There are millions of topic that you can write on. In fact! You  make me get four topic on marriage that I will write and I must finish atleast two this this topic before the end of this year, and I will write nothing less than 30pages each. I can finish 20topics within 6months and write over 50pages because am a scrpt writers but I have other business am doing and I can’t be spending my life like someone who is expecting salary at the end of the month.

You can go to and tell someone to write ebook for you. You may not pay more than $20 with good write up and you can also contact us for this if you can manage my English. But have never give my book to anybody. Even the articles on my blogs I writes it myself. So, if I will write 10pages of an articles for you, I will collect nothing less than $30 from you, it depend on the topic.

What can you offer again to get people details?

Offer them Training. Is over a month that have be promoting this training to my subscribers and they always call me because they believed that whatever I give them is an authentic, and many of this people have been looking for a way to make money on clickbank. So, you can offer them training on any topic, make sure the topic is related to what you are promoting and to your articles.

You can offer them three weeks training on how to lose weight, 3weeks training on how to know the best food to eat, 2weeks training on how to take care of their dogs, how to take care of their cars or any properties, anything just make sure that is related to what you are promoting it call be 3weeks Tips on how to know if your partner love you, how to know if your partner worth being with or anything.

We will be talking about the autoreponders companies in the next post. I hope you find this article helpful? Please don’t forget to make your comment bellow and if you have any knowledge that you can share with people, you can share it through comment and don’t forget to share this articles to your friends, this can help them to make their first money online.

Note; if you get to this page through search engine or through other site. Please go here now and sign up for this Training. Is a free 20days training. So go here; 


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