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How deep linking can make you money

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I want us to quickly go into the business today, I don’t want us to waste time on greeting or explaining another thing. I want to talk on deep linking here, though this deep link can not be compare with email list but it can still help you to sell your affiliate products.

Have you ever come across any post where the author will be talking about one products and he  will say “You can find that products here” or they use another Language like “Good example of what am talking about is this” there are many words they can you to recommend their affiliate products for you and you will want to click on that link and follow it to see what the person is talking about. The picture bellow is what am talking about:

Now, deep linking is very good is it is your own products. Because you are linking to your own site, but if you are linking to your affiliate products, I will not lie to you, 90% of the people who click on that link are not ready to but that products at that time. They may need it, but they will not buy it the first time see it. So, I will advice you not to use deep linking to replace the subscription form.

And this deep linking is very good if you have your subscription form outside of your blog. What I mean is; maybe you have another site, I mean paid site that have domain name and hosting and you just created a landing page, you make this landing page look attractive for them to be able to love it, they will not have option than to submit their details.

Link the link I usually put at the bottom of my post here where I tell the first timer to go and register, if you check your Tab you will see that is taking you to one of my sites. And you can also design another blog where you will just put the form and they will land on that page and register once they click on the link from your post.

Another way to you this deep linking is that; if I want to talk about “Aflorama” Yaro site, now maybe my post here based on how to succeed in using affoloram as an affiliate. You know I will be linking to that site and people may end up submitting their email for future purpose. Now, with that have succeed sending traffic that convert to that site but not all the affiliate products have subscription form and I don’t even trust them like that. 

Is better you use email list to market your products to to your list with this you will know that you are marketing to them directly and you may want to create your own products tomorrow. If you create your own products and you have like 100,000 subscribers. Do you know is possible to make over $100,000 within the first day of launching that products because you have people who trust you that you have been recommending products to since and they are buying it.

I will talk more about this later, but I will advice you not to use deep linking. The best advert to use deep linking to is, when you are helping someone to advertise their site, because if your site is becoming popular, people will come to you and say they want to advertise on your site and they will pay you, they may use banner or they use text. So, you can use that text as a deep linking.

Hope you understand me very well. If you don’t you can comment and ask your question on the comment box bellow.   I hope you find this article helpful? Please don’t forget to make your comment bellow and if you have any knowledge that you can share with people, you can share it through comment and don’t forget to share this articles to your friends, this can help them to make their first money online.
Note; if you get to this page through search engine or through other site. Please go and read more about this on my website. I believed this will make you start fast.  So go here; 


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