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Another hurt niches that can make you millions of dollars

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Hope you have pick your own niche out of the 3niches I talked about yesterday? I have make you understand what you don’t understand before, these three niches will never stop bringing money to you if you chose it. Just make sure that you do it professionally, don’t trying in picking different niches, even if you want to pick more than 1 niches, it must be in different blog, don’t try 2niches in the same blog.

If people land in your page and see that you are talking about health, relationship and make money on the same blog, they will believed that you are not a professional of any, you remember a proverb? Jack of all trade, master of non. Even if you professor in Nutrition, Professor in Marriage counseling, professor in Information marketing, they don’t want to know just make sure that one blog is for one niche, not even one niche alone. One blog, one topic.

I want us to discuss on another hurt niches that can make you money, when I first thought of this training, I did not think of one of this niches, it was a month ago that I read and articles online from Glen blog about this niche and it shows how Scott made over $400,000 within a months. You want to try such website?
The funny thing is; they are not promoting anything, they are just posting funny articles and pictures. You used to see such pictures on facebook, that pictures you always click, laugh at and share to your friend. Example of this picture is this:

Glen blog was very rank during that period because a lot of people want to try such site and they visit the post to read about it and see how to start it, I aslo planned to try it and is my next target after this training. I believed on one thing, keywords in your site make it Rank more than your competitor, if you see what make people rank you will be surprised.

You can’t do without keywords if you want to succeed on internet, and make sure you do your research very well, even if you have nice looking site more than “Viral Nova” and keywords is not include, you will not get traffic, and the best traffic is the one that came through keywords. If, let me show you some example of keywords that can rank your sites.

These keywords is been search for thousands of time in a year. Here they are: Amazon Coupon, Amazon best selling products, slickedeals,, ebay products, usa free ip, “amazon best deal”. I don’t want to waste our time, you can search online for the keywords you need on your site and you will get the best. Making money online will not be the problem if you know the right thing to do, you will just need to build your brand.

So, if you want to have that type of Viral Nova site you can go to there site and see what they are doing and how you can start it, just google search it, you will find a lot of information about this. This type of site, can drive over 100,000 unique visitors to your site every months. Viral Nova is receiving more than 2millions visitors in a month, I guess that because the amount of money that this guy is making is not what 100,000 visitors can make without promoting affiliate products.

I think is sources of earning is Ad-sense. Tell me, what if this man is promoting clickbank products?  He will not even need email list at all, all what he need it deep linking and banner. I believed I can have this type of site. You just need to believe in yourself and make it work. 








The second niche I will talk about is news

You can try this, people want to know what is going on in their environment, they want to be more current, is just that you will need more time if you want to start news site, because you will be watching your television time to time, you must find out what is happening in your environment. Because people are looking for latest news not the old one. If you know what you are doing and you do it very well, this niche can turn your bank account.

Let me tell you something you don’t know. Have you heard about Linda Ikeji? This single young looking girls have a gossiping and celebrity news blog, and she started this blog using blogspot, is not up to 2years that she bought domain name for this blog. This guy has made more than #800millions on this blog before she bought a domain name. though this was not easy when she started back then, and she is making a lot of money today.

Her niche is good, because news niche also have topic, that topic is very good. “gossiping and celebrity” people like reading such news even you reading this post, you want to read such news and share it to your friend, that was how she made it and got to the most visited website in her country.

If you want to get this type of result you need to me more dedicated, you need to have focus and you must move away from dream killers, though there are a lot of competition on news this day but you can also beat some people, who know; yous blog may be popular like that of Linda blog tomorrow.

Another thing I will talk about before I will close this page is based on your skill or let me say what you know about, like Automobile, electrical, technologies. This three topic is also very good if you can write something about it. Note: if you have enough content for this three topic and you are getting traffic to your site, you will be making money more than people who is publishing news.

Reason is: if you want to advertise Amazon products, jumia products or any other products it will convert more than people that have news blog because your own click is targeted click, is only people who have interest in your topic that visit your site and click on any ads display on your blog.

Another thing is; if you sign up for google adsense and get approved. If they give you ads that is related to your blog, and people click it, you will get paid nothing less than $2 per click because it comes from a site that is talking about that products. This is the reason why you see mobofree promoting dating site, because mobofree is dating site and they are also promoting dating site. Every click on that banner is money.

But make sure that you know about the topic very well before you will start it, is important so that you will not stop along the way, look at it very well, check the topic and see if you can write over 100 post on it, and if you can write that, that means you can simply write 50 post without stress.

I believe I have deep into the ground and make you realize that topic you don’t take note since? You know the problem most people have, they knew, heard about something before but they don’t think its can make them money. Have not heard or think about this training before, I just wake up one day and thought that. many people might have been doing it, but have not come across one before, but I knew that am not the only one. Though my own may be the longest training, some are doing 1day, some one week, I don’t think there is a month.

I hope you find this article helpful? Please don’t forget to make your comment bellow and if you have any knowledge that you can share with people, you can share it through comment and don’t forget to share this articles to your friends, this can help them to make their first money online.

Note; if you get to this page through search engine or through other site. Please go and read more about this on my website. I believed this will make you start fast.  So go here; 


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