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Many information have been detected everyday, people are getting new ideals. When whatsapp first came out I was thinking why am not the first one that detect this Application and I knew am not the only one who is thinking this way because of the hug amount of money that the developers are making from these application.

I just land on internet one day and see this very enticing site. This site is HelloU. Hoooo, you have come across this site on facebook, and I knew that you have click most of their ads that land you in their site. Is just that you have not think on how to get this type of site, but you can do it. 

What are they doing? They are posting little content with attractive picture that you will like to click on it, this may not be their original content but they will link back to the original source. I don’t know if you have come across Viral Nova. They are in the same niche. You can check HelloU here:
This are the example of the picture they are using that make thousands of visitors land in their site

Can you now see that they will get a lot of click that will land the new visitors in their site? You can create this type of site. I don’t really have time to use this type of idea but I was trying to test run it using blogspot and they two articles I posted received 100 visitors within 20minuts which shows that is real and a lot of people have started this.

I believed if you start this, it will really help you reach a lot of visitors. But you have to work and I will advice if you want to start this and advertise it, is better you buy domain name and host that site, because it will turn to millions of dollars investment tomorrow. Don’t worry, I will guild you if you want to start it, just contact me and I will tell you what to do.

What You Need to Do When Starting This Type of Site;

If you think you don’t like this, please stop it right away but if you want to try it please read on and it will be the best because I will also try it after I finish what am doing now. Here is how I will start it if I want to start it. 







Pick A Niche:

You will need to pick a niche and you don’t need anything too complex, you can pick a simple niche. But you must know that you will use it for your website and facebook page even twitter if its possible. Once you have good niches you can go on and you will be getting real visitors in your site in no time. You can use for domain suggestion.

  You will need to set up your site and your facebook page

With the knowledge have been sharing in this training I believe you can set up free blog site and if you want to know more about the worldpress, you can contact me and very soon we will start the Advance Coarse on this blog profits, I will let you know if we start, but that will be a paid one. I want you to start make money on this fre one before I will introduce the paid one. 

You can go to Viral Nova or helloU and see the way they design the site. That will be the best idea and once you do that make sure you chose the best hosting company that will not affect your site. Hostigator and Blue host is the best I can give you here.

Set up facebook ads campaign.

I will advice you not to use this for the free blogspot like this, you need the self site where you will have the domain name and hosting that you can move to anywhere tomorrow. Using the free one will not be a good idea unless you want to get your visitors emails. That is the one way you can do that. how to set up facebook ads campaign will not be here but on the advances coarse for Blog Profits.

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