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Get the best out of facebook

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I don’t need to tell you that facebook is the most visited site today, is the world's number one social network and you can get a ton of traffic from it for free without having to do much of anything at all.

You already have a Facebook account that you use to socialize with your real life friends, old schoolmates, and associates. The first thing you need to do is create an entirely new account just for your marketing efforts, don't use your personal account, because I'm sure your friends aren't interested in being marketed to. If you are involved in different niches you need to create different accounts for each niche.

After you've created an account you need to immediately create a Facebook fanpage for your website. Its really simple to do if you follow this link:

Once you've made a fanpage for your site you will need to put a “Like Box” on your website. This way the traffic flowing into your website will be able to “Like” your page on Facebook:

How to create Good looking facebook Page
After creating your facebook account you will need to create facebook page. But before that, you will need to get more friend on facebook, you can add minimum of 20 friends on facebook every day don’t let it be too much so that facebook will not block you so, be wise in using facebook to get traffic.

You can use your logo as your profile picture if you want. In creating your facebook page you will need top banner so that your page will look more professional, you can create it yourself or you go to fiverr and tell someone to do it for you, if your page look good people will like it and. So, don’t make mistake in the beginning, if you made the mistake in the beginning you people will be ignore your page.

Make a post on your page everyday

This is the best way to grow your page, make sure you are publishing a post on your facebook page everyday and make a meaningful post not just say anything and make sure what you are posting is related to your  niche, if its not serious people will be thinking that you are not serious and they will unlike. Not every-time that you should include your url when posting on facebook. Because your fans will believe that you only care about yourself and you don’t care about them.

If you see any funny joke you can share it on your page wall, for people to read and laugh, you can search on google and look for funny joke about your niches, maybe a woman with big belly that find it difficult to walk, you can write short story about her, people will want to read it because its funny, even they will share it to their friends.

What I used again is, funny pictures shared by friends. If I see any funny pictures share by friends I usually share this on my facebook page because I believe that if they see It they will appreciate, comment, like and share on their timeline. This is very easy, this is the reason why funny sites like Viral Nova is popular that the owner makes over $400,000 in December alone. That is power of joke.

Give out free and get traffic back

Some people always complained about this that what can they give out for free. I have give many book away, the one I created or they one I bought. There was a page I created last year, the page is name after one popular actor, I was able to get 8000 likes within 3months on that page because I managed it very well then, not like now that I don’t have time for social media like before. The page is still there with over 11k likes.

You can give out free ebook, give people free information on how to make money online. Or if you are promoting weight lose products give them pdf ebook on how to lose weight fast. This training is one good example you can give them, you can share this on your page and tell people to register for the free training. People love free thing.

It doesn’t matter if you are the one who created the book or not. I have shared a lot of book that are not mine. But if you are sharing your own book make sure you include your affiliate link inside that book . this will be there for life.

Participate on facebook groups

Facebook group is one of the best place to get traffic, there are thousands of groups out there. I will advice you to join the group with 20k members. I always join groups with minimum of 50k members. So, if I make a post with my link am posting to 50k people at a time, at least 5% of this people will see this post at that time because more than 10% will be online every-time.

I will also advice you to join the groups name USA. It depend on your niche. If you are promoting money making products I will advice you to join group that named internet marketing because those group will be talking about internet business. You can find group based on your niche, just type your niche on facebook search box and it will bring all the available groups.

There are software to automate your post, you can get any of this software online. You will have to pay money to get it. Or you use hotshot to make the post, you will be paying monthly. This will reduce your stress and you will be getting traffic every-time. But if you can do it manually, no problem I will advice you to start doing it yourself manually. But if you want to be doing news business, is better you get any of this software.

Buy Facebook Advert

Another way to get facebook traffic is to buy traffic from facebook. I want you to read this very well because if you made a mistake you will just waste money. So, is better you know how to do it before you will start it. When promoting on facebook by using facebook ads, this can give you thousands of signup to your newsletter within some days. Bu you need to know the best way to do this.

I will advice you to promote your facebook page not your site. Pay for like on facebook instead of paying for pay per click pay for pay per likes. If you know how to do this very well you can end up paying 0.05cent per per likes. I watched a video something ago where one guy is showing how he is spending 0.05cent per likes I don’t know where I kept it. You can search on YouTube I believed you will get the best one you want.

You can use normal post booster on facebook but I will advice you to get likes instead of click, if you get like, the people who like your page will see what you have in your page and they will follow the link and get to your site, do you believed that this same people will visit your site time without number and they will end up being your subscribers and they will be your buyer in future.

But if you only buy click ads, this people will only visit your site once and they may not visit your site again because nobody refer them again but if they like your page they will be seeing what you post or share on your page anytime you make a post and they will one day visit your site and see if they can benefit from you’re your site.

If you don’t understand this, please you can contact us or ask your question bellow. I hope you find this article helpful? Please don’t forget to make your comment bellow and if you have any knowledge that you can share with people, you can share it through comment and don’t forget to share this articles to your friends, this can help them to make their first money online.

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